Sunday, April 6, 2008


They are cute little critters however, they need to be moving along to someone else's yard that doesn't tend to their yard and leave mine alone.

No, this is not the same rabbit, but a pair. These pictures were taken out my front door. I love rabbits, I think they are cute but come on. Last year they ate my rose bush and tomatoes and flowers. Over the winter, they decided that my side flower bed (which I don't have a picture of but I'm headed outside to take one of it's spring ugliness) was going to be their primary source of food. There is nothing left. I really don't know that anything is going to come up. Hostas, nope can't find any yet. Of course, they couldn't eat the fern that I dispise. In the backyard, they have eaten the clematis up as high as they can, they pruned it for me. The lilac bush is missing the bark rabbit high up the tree, and the spirea (spelled wrong I'm sure) has been eaten down to the ground, there is some green on it, but I'm sure that won't last.

They are not afraid of my dogs either. They hang out in our neighbors yard (they have moved so nothing stopping them from living in their yard) and eat in mine. Today I'm going outside with some cayenne pepper to spray/sprinkle all over the plants in hope to save them.

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