Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm still here...kinda

It's been a busy month. School started in August, back to work for me, birthday party in September, run, run, run, run, an order for 20 witches, 20 frankensteins and 6 cats that turned in to me getting another order for 40 witches and 40 frankensteins, 2009 document prepartions for another job and then the daily household stuff, laundry, dishes and sometimes vacuuming. The house isn't dirty but I wouldn't call it clean.

Here are some things that I worked on during my absence:

My dining room chairs BEFORE:
and AFTER:

And this is a birthday cake that I did for M's 6th birthday. He's really into Star Wars right now.

And just another snapshot...he had 5 friends come over and they all kept taking the figures off. I finally told them that the next person that removed one would lose their fingers. They stopped, thank goodness.

And now my external drive is not acting right so I cannot upload any other photos. I'll have to wait for S to look at it. It probably came unplugged again. More pictures later, maybe next week.