Friday, January 25, 2008

I really have been busy working on projects...

My little guy turned 2 at the end of December. With his birthday being so close to Christmas, we had his birthday party last weekend. He carries with him a hippo that we thought was a pig and he and "Pig" are best buddies. Now, "Pig" can be replaced with other animals as long as we eventually find "Pig". Since he loves his "Pig" so much I decided to make him a pig birthday cake.

This is him blowing the candles out on his cake. The pig was a big hit with friends and family. One nephew wanted the tail, on the snout and another one of his feet. I'm not sure you can see in the photos but he is laying on a bed of mud (it was an easy way to cover some mistakes). On with some fun craft projects. I have been working on a heart garland to hang for Valentine's Day. Each heart measures approximately 3". This one I added beads to, I have a few that are just hearts, with smaller hearts on them.
This one is a WIP. But coming along quite nicely.

I've also been working on some granny squares, that I am going to make into some pincushions, I think. These are so easy to stitch up while sitting and watching TV at night. And now that I have the basic pattern in my head, it really requires not much thinking.

This crocheted heart did require some thinking. It came from a pattern for a bookmark that you are supposed to use the fine bedspread thread/yarn for. But I just used a 2 needle and used some Peaches & Creme yarn and it turned out okay. I think I made an error or lost my place on the right side, it looks a little funky. But I am going to add a ribbon and add it to my garland. And finally, I have been wanting to start and finish a quick quilt. I was browsing through some quilt patterns I have and remembered about the Jingle Jolly Table Quilt over at Happy Zombie. And although it was put out for Christmas I had purchased a charm pack called Flirtations by Moda.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, although I still need to quilt and bind it. I have a few "errors", where I did not match up the corners just right. But I really like it and will be displaying it on my kitchen table. Hmm, I think I have some St. Patricks' Day Fabric and Easter Fabric. This would be a great way to change the look of the kitchen table every month. Oh the ideas are flying right now. I wonder if that box of fabric from Nonnie that I am sure is late 60's - 70's fabric (some of it resembles the dresses my mom wore in high school), would make a nice table topper. Gonna have to dig it out and use some of it!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A little challenge for me...

I've started reading again. I stopped reading for some reason and I'm really not sure why. I had a book on my nightstand that I started reading before I had my 3rd son in December of 2006. The book is A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett. I loved the book, long book, great read, I just could not finish it. I was reading a John Grisham book, The Innocent Man, and I finished it one evening and decided that before I start another book I needed to finish A Salty Piece of Land. I did, I finished it. This was before the New Year came in. In December, I read 2 books, Sisters by Danielle Steele and The Innocent Man , and then finished A Salty Piece of Land.

My goal for this year is to read 2 books a month. This month I have read Playing for Pizza by John Grisham and am currently reading The Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King. When I finish this book, I'm not sure what I will read but I will be sure to update my list in my sidebar. Any recommendations??

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It will happen

Maybe not this year and maybe not next year, but it will happen. I will go to Italy and I will spend more than a few days there. I have considered going to culinary school and doing an internship in Italy. But my boys are too small for me to leave them.

I have set my goal for before December 31 of 2017. I want to see the big cities, yes, but I want to see the small towns and the old cathedrals, the paintings, I don't want to be just a tourist.

Could I move there, absolutely! I would love to do that. However, again, I am married and have my kids to think about. And as much as that is something that I want to do, that is not something that my family wants to do. Or my extended family would want us to do. I can hear it now, "You are moving my grandchildren away from me? How could you do that? You can't do that? They are MY grandchildren." Yep, I can hear it now. I thought moving to Texas was bad, but to move them to another continent, would probably end me up in the loony bin. It is a dream to live there, but what does it hurt a girl to dream. It is what keeps me going.

Dreams do come true, I believe in that. I believe that there is a reason that I want to go to Italy. I want to visit the town where my great grandfather was born. And perhaps visit the town that my great grandmother lived (the family is not sure where a little research will be needed).

I'll have to dig up some more literature on Italy and devour it, until I make it there!!

I know I have not posted any crafty pictures lately, that is coming in the next few days. I have a few WIPs that I want to finish up.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

M is for Milk...

Hmm, that's a no brainer. But why? Michael has the letter bag this week and we had to go around the house looking for items that start with M. Our bag is full of items and he wanted to take milk, but I was unsure how. The conversation went like this:

Michael: "Milk starts with M."
me: "That's right, milk starts with M. But we can't take our milk to school, we can stop and get a small one."
Michael: "Mommy, we can take a picture of it." (Said in the "do I have to think of everything tone.")
me: "You are right, we can take a picture. You are so smart."
Michael: "I know, Mommy."

So a picture of a gallon of milk is going into his bag along with a picture of himself becauce Michael starts with M (another discussion), a monkey, monster truck, magnet, marker, mitten, marshmallows, magazine, and I'm sure we put a few more things in there and I'm just not recalling.
Trevor, Ethan and I made dog biscuits. They had more fun playing with the dough than anything.

Michael and Ethan cuddling. Michael had brought his blanket and pillow downstairs and Ethan went over and curled up next to him. This was the nice photo. The remainder were of Ethan trying to take Michael's glasses off of him and Michael telling him NO.

And finally, Daddy being silly with the baby. He comes downstairs and says I found a baby in a basket. And sure enough, the above is what he set on the counter.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and I won...

A big Happy New Year from the Snow house to yours! Although all of us did not stay completely awake until midnight, the adults were awake as the New Year came in. I did try to wake Michael up, who fell asleep on the couch, but he proved to be a heavy sleeper and would not open those little eyes. No champagne was drank, although it was chilling in the refrigerator. But it was a nice evening at home.

Now, what did I win? Because I have Harvest Moon Designs listed in my sidebar, Sue graciously sent me her new pattern set! The grouping is Pattern Grouping #20 and there are 20 patterns included. Sue is a great designer and she is always (and I mean always) putting out new designs. They have a quick response time, great pricing and even better, you can purchase patterns in a Grouping (like the one I received) for a discount. Harvest Moon Designs has a new pattern series coming out that is accessories and included in my grouping was their first scarf design! I encourage you to try one of their easy to read patterns.

I'm off to fix some breakfast, decorate my cake and get started on the soup. Beans and greens today not that I'm a southern, maybe at heart, but a little good luck and prosperity wouldn't hurt anyone!

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!!