Wednesday, January 9, 2008

M is for Milk...

Hmm, that's a no brainer. But why? Michael has the letter bag this week and we had to go around the house looking for items that start with M. Our bag is full of items and he wanted to take milk, but I was unsure how. The conversation went like this:

Michael: "Milk starts with M."
me: "That's right, milk starts with M. But we can't take our milk to school, we can stop and get a small one."
Michael: "Mommy, we can take a picture of it." (Said in the "do I have to think of everything tone.")
me: "You are right, we can take a picture. You are so smart."
Michael: "I know, Mommy."

So a picture of a gallon of milk is going into his bag along with a picture of himself becauce Michael starts with M (another discussion), a monkey, monster truck, magnet, marker, mitten, marshmallows, magazine, and I'm sure we put a few more things in there and I'm just not recalling.
Trevor, Ethan and I made dog biscuits. They had more fun playing with the dough than anything.

Michael and Ethan cuddling. Michael had brought his blanket and pillow downstairs and Ethan went over and curled up next to him. This was the nice photo. The remainder were of Ethan trying to take Michael's glasses off of him and Michael telling him NO.

And finally, Daddy being silly with the baby. He comes downstairs and says I found a baby in a basket. And sure enough, the above is what he set on the counter.

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