Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and I won...

A big Happy New Year from the Snow house to yours! Although all of us did not stay completely awake until midnight, the adults were awake as the New Year came in. I did try to wake Michael up, who fell asleep on the couch, but he proved to be a heavy sleeper and would not open those little eyes. No champagne was drank, although it was chilling in the refrigerator. But it was a nice evening at home.

Now, what did I win? Because I have Harvest Moon Designs listed in my sidebar, Sue graciously sent me her new pattern set! The grouping is Pattern Grouping #20 and there are 20 patterns included. Sue is a great designer and she is always (and I mean always) putting out new designs. They have a quick response time, great pricing and even better, you can purchase patterns in a Grouping (like the one I received) for a discount. Harvest Moon Designs has a new pattern series coming out that is accessories and included in my grouping was their first scarf design! I encourage you to try one of their easy to read patterns.

I'm off to fix some breakfast, decorate my cake and get started on the soup. Beans and greens today not that I'm a southern, maybe at heart, but a little good luck and prosperity wouldn't hurt anyone!

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!!

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