Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear Baby Jane

These are for my Dear Baby Jane quilt that I will be starting. I pulled out the box (an old ceiling fan box) full of these pre-cut by my nonnie, that I will be using as is or cutting in the the shapes needed. I'll be taking pictures of the blocks as I make them.

And I was so inspired after actually seeing some of this fabric that I just had to make a few blocks last night. I put the kids to bed after a long, long day. And browsed through the searching for the colors I have layed out in my quilt chart and just went with it. So here you go:

M-10 Simple Simon

A6-Uncle Homer

D13-Field of Dreams

Edited to add: I scanned my blocks and then formatted down to get a better picture of them than what I was taking with my camera. The black you can see on D-13 is part of the scanner. I forgot to place a piece of paper over the block before scanning.

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Anina said...

The blocks are lovely!