Saturday, April 26, 2008


Over the last few years I have not been buying household cleaners. I was not just doing it to go green (that was actually an afterthought) but as a means to save money. Those chemicals can add up over time. It really started when the dogs kept having accidents (not really accidents, they would go and p on purpose) and I wanted a way to clean it up versus going out and buying something. I found a solution tried it and for the most part it worked. My dogs still insist on being rotten little pooches, but then my only other option is to leave them outside all the time which is not nice. I found a lot of information on making your own household cleaners and decided to try. Hmm, these work better than most of the ones that I buy. Matter of fact I really like making my own window cleaner, I even passed the information along to a friend whose tables were becoming foggy (she has glass tables) and she used it and said they sparkle.

Anyway, here are a few links to some of my favorite homemade cleaning solutions and some information on items you should keep on hand for green cleaning.

6 ingredients for a green, clean home
Down to Earth - many articles on green cleaning and living life more simply

I'll add more of my links later.


Anina said...

Thanks for the link! I've been trying to find more affordable ways to do things and cleaners are next on my list. As a matter of fact I was searching for recipes yesterday.

rainylakechick said...

Thanks for the cleaning links! Too bad I didn't see this yesterday, as I spent $30 in cleaning supplies last night. A large box of Tide, dishwashing soap, Comet... It all adds up! But I will try some of their suggestions out.

Even though I don't have dogs, I'd love to hear your secret for cleaning the carpets! Perhaps in another blog entry soon?? :)

Valerie said...

Thanks for the links. This is interesting.