Sunday, May 11, 2008

No pics, no quilting and a big mess

Last week was very, very busy. The boys had their stepping up and graduation ceremonies. The shower in the master bathroom leaked into the dining room and has required a plumber and is now going to require tearing our bathroom apart to find the possible leak and fixing the problem. T-ball and last minute finishing up on a friend/boss' trip to Hawaii. A relaxing day was to be had on Mother's Day. All of the boys (including dad) went to church with me this morning and we stopped by home so I could change into jeans before heading over to MIL's. Well I needed to checkin my friend / boss for her trip to Hawaii, so I went into the basement to use the computer and after opening the door and turning the light on to find the basement flooded, not just a small amount of water but probably 3 inches of water standing in the basement. Yep, a huge mess. Lots of things are getting thrown away, lots of things are going to be purged and lots of things are going to be sold. I guess that is a good thing about this happening. It has made me realize that even though I knew we had a lot of stuff, I realize that we really do have a lot of stuff that just isn't going to be used.

Things I will be condensing:

  • Kids toys - getting rid of all of the baby stuff, my boys are 2, 4 and 5 they don't play with it.
  • Books - not all of them, but we do have a lot of books that we don't use.
  • Craft -things that I don't use and no longer enjoy doing. I really need to get rid of some stuff and make a pledge not to buy any more.
  • Paper - it has gotten out of control.
  • Stickers - sadly, this box probably has to be thrown out because the entire bottom is wet and dripping, I'm sure the stickers are not any good as well.

The basement mess is going to take some time. We will probably have to replace our desk and file cabinet, and our old kitchen table was being used as a train table and well, it collapsed today. Out in the garbage it will be going. To get rid of the weight machine or not. Hmm, I'm not sure but we'll see.

I am hoping to be able to still work on some projects over the next few weeks, but I'm not sure how much will get accomplished. I do know that no pictures will be posted as the computer is down (not broken but disconnected) and we won't have access to our external harddrive to save the pictures to.

Alas, it will all get taken care of.

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Anina said...

Oh my gosh Wendy! That just sucks. Good luck sorting out the mess. I'll be thinking of you.