Thursday, March 27, 2008

what would you do...

if you mailed a package on Friday, March 14, 2008, paid for Priority Shipping and a Delivery Confirmation and the package never arrived. This is the battle that I am currently waging with the US Postal Service. This is not the first package that has been lost, no, a shirt that a friend mailed to me last year, never arrived to me. I mailed a package to my cousin, in the package was a book that we were going to read together. Never arrived. And now, I have a package that has $30 worth of supplies, $8.90 in postage ($8.25 for the stamp and $.65 for the delivery confirmation) and a confirmation of the time and date is was delivered (March 17, 2008 at 3:22pm) and the package cannot be found. The nice lady at the post office was kind enough to let me speak to the driver, who has no idea where the package is but I will look for it. Are you sure it wasn't at your door? Absolutely, it was not at my door. The driver is going to continue to look for it for the next few days, but he's really not sure what happened to it. Can your client resend the package? Well, I suppose they can, but it has documents in it that I needed to have 10 days ago. Oh, I'm sorry. Well, if they can resend you those documents, I'll pay for the postage because I was the last one that had the package, or that is what it is showing anyway. I know that the postal service is bad in other countries (Italy is really bad) but I am beginning to lose faith in our Postal Service. I should not have to pay for the additonal services of Insurance which is an additional $1.65 and then if you want to send it registered or have a signature on arrival, that is an additional charge. Now granted, have I had second thoughts about sending it without insurance, at least then they will recoup me for my loss in the package. But I guess that's not the point, the point is the driver had it, it goes into a mail box (not by the side of the road, no it goes into a locked mail station on one street in the subdivision) and obviously had it because the article was scanned delivered and now it has disappeared. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Good thing I have a receipt, the person I shipped the box to probably wouldn't believe me when I told her that it had been delivered.

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nancy colbrook said...

you forgot about the cookies you sent to me way back.

i don't think that i would take it to the place you have been taking it. i really think that the usps is pissy with the general public since we are doing more and more on line. at Christmas i sent a hand painted plate and ornament through the mail... regular post office.... i wrapped and packed and all of that the plate was a quarter of an inch thick glass.... they made it but all smashed and banged up. i had wrote fragile on the package too... i don't believe that the mailman could read.