Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My poor negelected blog...

how I have mistreated you and neglected you over the last 3 weeks. I have many things that I could write about, but have just been neglecting doing so. I could say that life has gotten in the way and not allowed me to do so and that would not be true. I could say that I have not been doing anything that would be interesting enough to write about and that would not be true either. So here is what I have been doing and I will try to be kinder to you:

  • Last week, I started my vegetable seeds. I used Nancy's idea and started my seeds in my egg crates that I normally recycle. I set up a table in the guest bedroom and opened the blinds and re-opened the vent to keep it warm. I am going to add today a jar of water to the vent to keep the air moist in there, as the crates are drying out very quickly. I started tomatoes (3 kinds - roma, big boy and I don't recall the third), peppers, basil, oregano and parsley. As soon as I have another egg crate I'm going to start my thyme and some more tomatoes and peppers (to make sure that I have some good starts).
  • I spring cleaned my kitchen. However, I'm sad to say that all of my hard work has been quickly destroyed by my 3 little ones. You wouldn't even be able to tell that my floor was cleaned. But my counters look better and I'm trying to keep them up.
  • I decluttered my bookcase and took the books the Ladies Auxillary at church could use for the book sale they are having in March. Half of the proceeds will go to the parish debt and the other half to a local shelter. I'm going to go through the kids' books and send some of those off as well.
  • Yesterday, I finished a quilt top that is a gift. I will be quilting it later this week I hope.
  • I am working on a shopping tote bag for this swap. The swap partners have been announced and I am looking forward to getting to know my swap partner.
  • I'm preparing for the upcoming Easter holiday. For me I have not followed through with all of my Lenten promises, but I start over everyday and have really tried. The kids are excited about the Easter Bunny coming. I think this weekend I will take them to an Easter Egg Hunt being held. I have been preparing the menu and making my list of what needs to be purchased, what I can do in advace to make that day easier and of course the general cleaning. We will be having 8-12 people here, not many but still it's takes time.
  • Work - my 2 afternoons at church and with the office job I do from home for a friend
  • I've set up a plan to pay off our debt, we have too much and I have been trying the last few years unsuccessfully to get a lot of it paid off, but this year is different. I have a different approach almost like a game I play with the kids. It's funny how games make things more tolerable. I know if I make picking up toys a game the kids are more likely to get them picked up without complaining.
  • And there are many other things that include baking, cleaning and everyday mom stuff, along with church activities, my moms group and the kids activities.

My little blog has not been the only thing neglected, but so have some of my friends, definitely the gym and time for me. That has become scarce. I do try to read every evening after the kids have gone to bed and each morning i have been drying to meditate and journal my thoughts. I am trying to let go of the past to live in the future more freely. I have been letting my past hold onto me for much to long. I have been it prisoner or it's slave, it's obvious to me after a phone conversation I had the other day that one of the person's I have been worrying about what they thought and how I could repair that relationship, well he really doesn't care about me and my family. It was very obvious from the phone conversation that I was more of a nuisance than a delight. No more, I will let that person go, it is time to free myself of the memories and live my life more freely.

A picture or two to come later in the day!!!

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nancy colbrook said...

just a quick note on the last paragraph, you need to pick up the new earth book by echart tolle. or at least go to itunes and download the audio/video for your ipod. it has had a profound effect on me and my daily thinkings. this to shall pass. is that so and then going on. i think that you could find some resolve to many a thing from it.