Monday, March 17, 2008


What a beautiful little fish you were. You had a spunk I have never seen in a fish before and a personality all of your own. You will be missed.

Not for long though. Here is the story. Hamm-Snow is my boys' Beta fish. He was acting funny all week last week and kept putting his nose up in the air into the corners of the tank. Not much spunk left in that little fish. I came home from Bunco on Friday night and thought he doesn't look so good and what is that white fuzzy looking stuff coming out of his gills? Hmm, I bet Hamm-Snow is dead by morning. I get up and don't think about him, the kids had turned his light on and even said (as they do every morning) "Good Morning Hamm Snow". I finally thought to look at him, can't find him. Hmm, how could a fish disappear. And there he laid under the plants, not moving. I wasn't sure how to tell Trevor, as he picked him out and named him. My plan, go to the store and buy a new one. Nope, not going to work. Hey Trevor, can you come in the kitchen. Okay, Mama. He found him and said very somberly, "Is he dead?", "yes, he's dead" "Well can you put him a bag for me so I can show my dad?" "Sure I'll put him a bag for you" He takes the fish upstairs and shows his dad, who proceeds to tell him he can't keep a dead fish in a plastic bag. Shannon, Trevor and Ethan held a short (dump the fish in the toilet) "BYE Hamm Snow" and flush. Trevor comes downstairs and says, we need to go to PetSmart and get me a new one.

Hamm Snow has been replaced with a new Hamm Snow, this one is blue with red and black. No pictures of him yet, because well, he's not as spunky and doesn't have the personality of the 1st Hamm Snow. We'll see how long this one lasts!!!

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