Monday, July 30, 2007

Wow I needed this

As I had mentioned, I have felt my life has been a bit out of control and in a lot of Chaos. And part of my reasoning was that I had not been reading my daily devotionals. Yesterday, I picked up my devotional bible and turned to the passage that is where I left off and it caught my eye. It was for Wednesday, but the title is what caused me to read it. Here it is:
Handicrafts and Creativity
by Catherine Doherty

Handicrafts serve as a means of communication among people who are afraid, shy or sick, or even people who speak different languages. There is something reassuring, homey, pleasant and relaxing to see someone embroidering or knitting in an airport or on a train. One feels a trust and confidence about such a person. If one has some similar work at hand, one becomes friends almost without words. Or one might ask what the other is doing; and a bond of friendship, gentle and warm, is established with this person who only a short time ago was a stranger. The handicraft is a bridge.
All creative effort is from God, and people who do handicrafts create. To create is to be at peace, for in creating one is joined with the Creator. Creativeness is one of the needs of our humanity and one of the gifts of God to us. Handicrafts also are one more way of restoring us to wholeness in the natural and psychological order so as to better restore us to Christ. The loneliness of modern people has almost reached a point of no return; but in a common effort of creativity, men and women may find someone else who is interested in similar crafts, and become friends through their craftsmanship. Friendship is still the most precious possession that a human being can share. So handicrafts open the door to both friendship and creativity. Theses aspects go together, for friendship both creates and demands creativity to grow.
Passage: Psalm 90 Verse: Psalm 90:17
Additional Scripture readings: Proverbs 31:13; Colossians 3:17
It made feel much better about taking the time to do the crafts.
I moved forward and read the passage for the weekend which was Psalm 118. I particularly liked reading Psalm 118:7 The Lord is with me; he is my helper. I then went to mass and Fr. Dennis was the presiding priest and Wow did I need his homily. What really stands out is when he said asked " How many of you ever feel alone?" He then went on to say that we should never feel alone because we only need to remember that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are with us everyday, so that we may never be alone. I needed to hear that yesterday and it lifted my spirits up a bit.

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