Monday, July 2, 2007

Maybe this time it will stick

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I am a frequent reader of the Tales from the Scales blog. I have joined many challenges and dropped out. I have joined Weight Watchers and either quit going, cancelled my membership or thought I could do it on my own. Although I think there could possibly be something else going on (I have been dieting for the last year and have only gained weight). I would like to have a plan that I have followed for 30 days, with food journals, etc. that I can take to my doctor and say, please help me.
For that reason, I have joined the May Day Weight Loss Challenge. I have also joined in on the Menu Plan Monday over at I'm an Oranizing Junkie .
I am going to plan my Menu's for the week (I need to better plan breakfast, lunch and snacks) and post on my here. But I am also going to Weigh-In on Tuesdays. I may not necessarily post my weight but will post whether it was a loss or gain. I am going to follow the points system provided by Weight Watchers. I have had success following the plan before and have faith that as long as there is not anything wrong that I can have success with the plan again. I am also a member of Ladies Workout Express and will be working my way back into going to the gym. My current plan is when the boys go to preschool, the little one and I will go to the gym and he can play in the playroom and I can workout.

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