Monday, July 2, 2007

Honor Your Husband

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Today is the 2nd update in the honor your husband challenge that Christine at Fruit in Season is hosting. I have to be honest and say that this has been a tough week for me. Emotionally, mentally and physically. I have had to work really hard to refrain from saying harmful things. It has been a challenge. So for this week I am going to continue to work on my goals from my original post, which I have listed below:
  • To be kind and loving towards my husband when he comes home from work. I understand he's had a hard day and to not make things harder on him by being a grump and rude when he comes home.
  • Not be short with him. Watch how I talk towards him. Don't take the troubles of the day out on him.
  • Speak openly with him about what is bothering me, but talk nicely and not be so harsh.

My items from last week, which I did not even get done:

  • Get the office cleaned up and organized. It's a diseaster and he has made comments about wanting to get it cleaned up.
  • Don't complain. Not only to him or about him. But no complaining in general. I feel as though I have become a negative person and that's not who I am.

We are leaving for vacation on Sunday the 8th and will be gone until Sunday the 15th. So I am going to post a few goals for the trip as well. Here goes:

  • Try not to get frustrated when we don't leave the hotel room until it's almost the babies nap time.
  • Find away to allow him some alone time while we are on vacation, perhaps I can take the kids to the pool or for a walk.
  • Really watch myself and make sure that I do not get angry or frustrated for reasons that I have no control over.

It will be a tough week, I was ready to come home early from our last trip. But the nice part about this trip is we are staying in a 2-bedroom villa that has 3 levels and the 3rd level is a loft. The boys and I will be playing games and reading books for our reading mission this summer up there!

Have a wonderful and blessed 2 weeks.


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