Monday, July 2, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first attempt at a Menu Plan Monday. I have always tried to plan my menus but sometimes get in a menu planning rut or nothing sounds even remotely good. But here goes my attempt at this week.

Monday- Hot Dogs & Chips (real healthy but it's just me & the kids)

Tuesday - Mexican Chicken Sandwiches, brown rice, salad

Wednesday - The boys and I will be taking a day trip to see my family, so I am taking a dessert to a family reunion. No cooking for me!!

Thursday - Not sure - perhaps sandwiches - again it will just be me & the boys

Friday - Steak Sandwiches, crunch time salad, faux-tay-toes

Saturday - Artichoke Tomato Pasta, salad

Sunday - We leave for vacation, so we will be eating out of the car or stopping at a restaurant.

Since we will be on vacation, I have gone ahead and planned next week's menu, so I can get some staples before we leave and then stop at a grocery store and get the perishables once we arrive.

Monday - Mediterranean Pasta with Zucchini, warm pita bread, pear slices

Tuesday - Tex-Mex Stir Fry, tortillas, chocolate ice cream

Wednesday - Tuscan Chicken & Beans, garlic cheese bread

Thursday - Skillet Ziti & Vegetables, crusty rolls & chocolate ice cream

Friday - Tomato Cheese Ravioli Soup, crusty rolls

Saturday - Sandwiches or leftovers

Sunday - We will be travelling home from vacation and eating out of the car or at restaurants.

I realize that we are eating a lot of pasta while we are on vacation, however, pasta is a nice inexpensive meal planner, especially when you are not at home and not familiar with the stove where you are going.

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