Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tried some new recipes

When my mom and pa came to bring my dogs home a few weeks ago, a friend of my mom's had given her some zucchini. My mom gladly accepted knowing that I would use them for something. After some thinking and letting them sit I decided that I had better do something with. I made a wonderful Parmesan Zucchini Bread that I found here. The kids loved it, Ethan kept asking for more, he had 3 pieces before we even had dinner. I then wanted to use up some more, zucchini, so I made a Baked Zucchini and Rice Dish it was okay. I did not have any swiss cheese so I substituted mozzarella cheese. The kids did not touch it. They just looked at it and gave me this "mom I'm not eating that" look. Not even the baby, who eats anything, would eat it. On a mission, I wanted to make one more loaf of bread before bed. So I made, Lemon Zucchini Bread. We really enjoyed this. It adds just enough of a lemon taste to make it stand out. And of course, rave reviews from the boys. Now what to do with the rest of the zucchini. Some advice from a friend and I shredded the remaining 16 zucchini's and measured out 2 cup increments and put it in a zip top bag and put them in the freezer. I now have 18 cups of shredded zucchini in my freezer along with the 18 cups of sweet corn. It is nice to know that I am stocking my freezer for the winter months. What to do this afternoon? I've been organizing. I cleaned out my side of the closet and I am no longer ashamed of my side and feel comfortable leaving the door open, however, I do need to do some work on the husband's side. I also needed to move the cereal. The kids like to get into the cereal and spread it throughout the house. Not a good thing, it attracts ants. So I moved some kitchen cabinets around, decluttered as I went, found a new home for a few things. And well the kids can no longer reach the cereal (not even with a chair) and I have put cleared an eyesore countertop by clearing another cabinet out and using it to store the kids' schooling/coloring supplies. Perhaps I should take a picture. Next project to tackle today, organize the rest of the pantry. Grandmas will be embarking on my house in 18 short days to keep the kids while I go on a trip with my Girlfriends. Most of my cleaning and organizing has been because the grandmas will be arriving and I don't want them to decide to clean for me. Not to mention we are getting ready to turn our house into our home. But more on that at a later time.

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