Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

I was given the opportunity to go and see Kenny Chesney in concert (again). My husband gave me tickets to see him last year with Dierks Bently and Carrie Underwood. Little did he know that I had purchased 4 tickets with some friends. But I gladly sold my 2 tickets when I found out the seats he had for me were on the floor in the section closest to the stage. We were able to get within 5 rows of the stage. Here is a photo:

So, when a friend called me a few weeks ago and she had been given VIP Skybox tickets to see him at his upcoming show and asked me if I wanted to go, I of course said yes.

It was great, we saw Pat Green, which I didn't realize that I liked as many of his songs as I thought.

Sugarland, they are just amazing. Jennifer Nettles has such a powerful voice and she is so much fun to watch sing. She is so full of energy.

But of course, the highlight of the evening, was getting to see Kenny Chesney. He was as amazing as he was last year. The only problem that we had was the group that we were sitting with. Since we did not know any of the people and not many of the other people knew each other, it got a bit ugly. If you had seat numbers on your ticket,those were your seats, if you did not have a seat number, well, you had to sit in the back on the metal chairs. No problem, we had seat numbers. But a few of the people had taken other people's seats and when they asked security about it they came in an clarified. This made the other people mad, so when Kenny came on and we were standing, they went and got security and do you know that we had to sit, yes I said sit, through the concert. We still had a good time and I went and took pictures and stood a few times to get some pictures. He sang his new song "Never Wanted Nothin' More" and his new album "Just Who I am: Poets & Pirates" comes out September 11, 2007.

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