Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What nots for Wednesday

Today is going to be a mish mash of things I have come across while cleaning this morning.  A few things I just need to remember and a few things I found ironic. 

First of all, I only read my horoscope when my husband leaves the newspaper at home.  Since he's been out of town this week, I've read my few sections of the newspaper and one just so happens to be my horoscope.  I found yesterdays and today to be a sign.

  • June 19, 2007 - You'll think of yourself as the crafts person you're becoming.  This is not something you can fake.  It'll be genuine and authentic.

  • June 20, 2007 - You'll be more comfortable at home for
    the next few weeks.  That may seem impossible now.  First, get the
    place cleaned up.

Why a sign?  Yesterday, prior to reading my horoscope, I worked on our craft projects for VBS next week.  And then spent the afternoon working on the crayon bags I have sold.  I read my horoscope and laughed.  Last night, as I sat and wrote my blog entry, I put down some challenges for myself on getting my house organized and my routines back in place.  After my shower this morning, I cleaned the bathroom and then worked on cleaning our bedroom before the kids woke up.  I read the Tempo section and as I came to my horoscope and read it again I laughed.  This is a sign!  Right in my face.  Thank you, I needed that.

Next on my list of what not's.  I'm getting rid of clutter and came across an article in the
Good Eating
section that I found interesting and would like to do.  As much as I love crafts, I cannot seem to get into scrapbooking.  But this project looks like fun and even perhaps would make great Christmas gifts.  The article talks about Windy City Scrapbooking and if I get a free chance or make it into the City, I may stop by and browse around her store.  (Yeah, a piece of clutter gone). 

Another piece of clutter going to be gone.  I read an article in the Home & Garden Section.  And found that I can make my own
to start my plants.  How intriguing.  I am going to plan on
doing this next spring.  I am also going to attempt to make a
rain barrel
.  Why?  For many reasons, but my two main ones are that I am a cheapskate and don't like paying the city for water to maintain my plants and the second is environmental. 

An update on my challenges for today, my bedroom is cleaned.  I am washing my pillows, which takes time.  But the rest of the room is clean, surface clean. I will work on the closet and the bathroom cabinets and the drawers later in the month as another challenge. I'm going to go upstairs and do the front porch and entry. 

I'm also going to make a card to welcome my husband home.  And use a template found here and
how to make the card found at The
Homespun Heart here

That's it for my what not's for right now. 


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