Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Twelve for Tuesday

12 Random thoughts on things I would like to do or need to do

1. I would like to go to Italy. All of my friends and family are aware of this and I have set a goal that in 10 years I will go to Italy. In 2017 I plan on travelling with my family to Italy and if my family does not want to go, then I guess I will go by myself or ask some friends to go.
2. With that being said, I am learning Italian. It's a slow process, much slower that I would like for it to be. Mostly because I don't take the time to do my lessons as much as I should.
3. Start my own business...what kind of business I don't know. I bake for friends and family. I sew and I design and sell the bags and stuff that I make. I have envisioned a Bed & Breakfast with a tea room that we could have afternoon teas with the exquisite little desserts for our guests or others that heard about it.
4. Have the outside of the house painted, trim, fascia, etc. (that just needs to be done)
5. Plant a butterfly garden.
6. Have a vegetable garden. I had a vegetable garden when we lived in Erie, IL. But while we lived in TX, I didn't have the energy. But now that we are back home, I would like to have one. I think if we are going to stay in our house for a while. I could extend the fence up on one side of the house by 6ft and plant a small vegetable garden there.
7. Paint the foyer.
8. I need to plan our next family vacation which takes place in July and we are going to the Poconos.
9. Look up some fun stuff to do while in West Palm Beach with my friends in August.
10. Sew, I have 6 bags that I have sold that need to be made and then enough for 6 more to do.
11. Find out how much www.etsy.com is and open up and link a shop back to here.
12. Make sure to take time for me everyday!!


thehomespunheart said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I loved your ideas and thoughts about notes to attach to my breads for neighbors!

Just wanted to share on your search for info about etsy - I have a shop there. There is no cost to sign up. When you post listings for sale - there is a 0.20 per item listing fee (each listing lasts four months). Then, a 3.5% fee is charged, when you sell your item, of the total price you sold it for. Example: item is $10.00 - you pay a 0.20 listing fee and then when it sells, you are charged 0.35. Total cost to use: 0.55.

Hope that info helps! They have great info on their web site, read through it sometime and it really is super easy to use.

eph2810 said...

You know, Italy has been on my list too. I would love to spend a week relaxing in Tuscany :) - Maybe one day my Sweetheart and I will make that trip...
I think having your own little business is cool. I wish I could come up with something I could do from home.
Have you check out Cafe-Press? I think you can set up a shop through them with very little money.

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