Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weight Struggles...

I have to do something. Something that I have to do....I have been struggling with my weight for years, as long as I can remember. I look at pictures from when I was young and realize that when school dismissed one year and when we returned the following year, puberty had hit and I started my current weight struggle.

I am currently doing Weight Watchers, but I find that it is hard. I have also found that I am a stress eater, a boredom eater and well I just eat because it's there. I planned my menu out for the week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But to no avail, I have still found ways to snack and eat what I shouldn't eat and go over in points. My clothes don't fit and I'm not happy with who I am. I am currently trying to hand my worries over to God and pray for his help and guidance. I believe that placing my trust in him on this issue will help. But it's finding a way to say okay, help me change.

I look at my wedding pictures and cringe. The happiest day of my life and I am disappointed in the way I looked. The one picture that I truly love and felt happy in was in December of 2004 I still had weight to lose but at least it was coming off and I was happy and you could see it in the pictures. Now I don't like to have my picture taken, I don't like looking in my closet and trying to decide what to wear because well, I don't want to get discouraged because something doesn't fit.

This to shall pass. I will overcome this hurdle, I just have to put my trust in God on this issue (as I have with many others) and believe that he will help me and guide me with how to overcome this problem.

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