Monday, June 16, 2008

Why is it

the last few times I have made a cake, the darn thing sticks to the bottom of the pan and then when I tried to take it out it fell apart. It's so frustrating. For Father's Day, I made an Italian Cream Cake. Now mine did not look like the picture. Nope, I had to put it piece by piece on the platter, try to put the frosting on it and then add another layer. Did I take pictures? Of course I did, can I show them to you? Of course not, that part of the computer has been taken down as the remodeling of the basement starts tomorrow. The cake tasted really good, but it looked really awful.

On to some crafting news. I have been taking time for myself to quilt. Last week I put together a summer table topper. The week before I started and finished a quilt for one of my newest nephews that is due in August. His baby shower was the first weekend in June. I also finished up my neighbors quilt for her daughters bed, she is supposed to purchase the fabric so I can make the second one. I am going to make 2 baby quilts for Project Gabriel at our church. We have 2 expectant mothers that the ministry is helping and the church is having a baby shower for them. Since I won't be able to go, I am donating 2 baby quilts. Both are having girls which is refreshing from all the boys tuff I have to make.

As I said above, remodeling starts tomorrow in the basement. I took some cute pictures of my little construction workers yesterday, but alas, cannot post them. (We may hook the PC up in the bedroom so that we don't lose internet as well, which means I may have access to pictures if I ask nicely.) The dumpster arrived today and the boys and I have been carrying drywall out in short batches. They get bored and well, my back starts to bother me, so I have to stop and do something else and then start again. Hopefully, it won't take long. We knocked the walls down, that was an all day job and put a little money back in our pockets. We ended up getting a dumpster, but by me shopping around I found a great deal on one (it was $200 less than what our garbage company was going to charge us). We bought our tile, it was on sale, original price $1.09 sq ft and it was on sale for $.77 a sq ft. This week ceiling tile is on sale for 15% off, guess what we'll be buying this week. Drywall, does it ever go on sale. Probably not. And then, we are going to save on the paint because we are painting it ourselves (with a bit of help from my cousin who graciously offered to help out).

I still have some catching up to do on the SQAL that I'm participating in and the QAL I never completed, as well as some more blocks for Dear Baby Jane.

Have a great day!!

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Anina said...

Sounds like you've been a busy bee! I always line my cake pans with wax paper before pouring the batter in. That way I never have to be worried about the bottoms sticking.