Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Parasols, Polka Dots and Pink Lemonade - 20 questions

I'm participating in a swap that the Sweet Goodness Girls are hosting over at Sweet Goodness Swaps. We've been asked to share the answers to some questions and since I have been having a hard time getting a post together, I thought this would be the perfect time. Oh I have plenty of things to write about, it's getting things in order that I'm having a problem with. And on a side note, if I disappear in about a week and don't respond to emails and the such it's because we may not have internet access while our basement is being refinished. I've been told it's a 3 day project, but I have my doubts. Anyway, onto the answers to the questions.

1. What is your favorite Summer Drink(s)? Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, any kind of Lemonade!!
2. What is your favorite Summer Activity? Relaxing outside with a good book while the kids are playing and seeing a baseball game!
3. If you could spend a lazy afternoon reading, what would be in your hands? John Grisham (his new book awaits to be read, it's sitting on the bakers rack). I take recommendations and like to read a lot of different books.
4. What is your favorite type of craft/art medium? Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting
5. What is one art/craft supply you absolutely have been dying to have or try?
6. What are your favorite colors in our 'rainbow sherbet' theme? Pink, lime green, yellow, orange, aqua (or blue) I just picked up fabric (on sale) in Pink, Lime Green and Aqua all are varigated and have different tones of each color in them to make a table runner.
7. What is your favorite sweet treat? Lemon Ice (we just made some last night) and Strawberry Shortcake.
8. Are there any craft or art supplies you would NOT be interested in receiving? I'm not a scrapbooker.
9. What is your favorite song today? Home by Blake Shelton, Better Get to Livin' by Dolly Parton and Jesus & Gravity by Dolly Parton and Kenny Chesney (any of his stuff)
10. How do you 'pamper' yourself during the hot summer days? Taking care of the toes, polishing and moisturizing because I'm not much of a shoe girl in the summer months but prefer sandals.
11. Do you have any kidlets or pets? Yep, 3 boys (ages 5, 4 and 2) 2 Shih tzu dogs (both male) and a Beta Fish appropriately named Hamm Snow and yes it's a male.
12. What is your best potluck dish for summer get togethers? A Cauliflower Broccoli salad. Chop up a head of cauliflower and some broccoli crowns (about the same amount as the cauliflower) and then shred 3 carrots. Toss together so they are mixed. Mix together equal amounts of mayo and sugar (I start with 1/4c each) and then add some milk to thin it out so the dressing is pourable. Pour over the veggies and mix. Refrigerate to let the flavors blend and enjoy!!
13. If you could take a summer vacation anywhere, where would it be? I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in a long while and would like to go back. We like to go to Palm Beach Shores, FL and go there pretty regularly. And Italy is on my list of places to go!!
14. Describe your decorating style. Does that say anything about your personality? Country, Traditional. We have a lot of pictures of friends and family scattered about the house. It's a mish mosh of things that we enjoy.
15. What are your initials? WLS
16. Why do you like to join swaps? It's fun to send items away, it feels good! and it's fun to get surprises in the mail rather than bills all of the time.
17. You have 25 dollars to spend just on you for a little treat. What do you buy? ((you can list more than one thing) I'm not sure, maybe fabric to add to the collection, but something that I normally wouldn't buy.
18. What's one craft supply or art supply you absolutely can not live without? Fabric and thread
19. Who's the last person you hugged? The baby, he comes and gives random hugs and usually needs a kiss to!!
20. What's your favorite number and why? 4. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's the number of close friends I have, maybe it's the number of children I always wanted to have, maybe it's a friends birthday, it's a number that has stuck for quite sometime and a number that when asked to give a number that first comes to mind.

That's a bit of information about me. Hopefully I will get some snapshots up of the stuff I've been working on, but with the way things have been going I'm not too sure. Maybe our string of bad luck is running out, if it happens in 3's then here they are:
1. Shower leaked into the dining room. Had to repair the wall in the bathroom and the ceiling in the dining room.
2. Basement flooded - In the process of getting the basement refinished. All furniture and stuff has been moved , I'll update more on this later.
3. My shelf / rack in the closet fell off the wall - Still trying to remove all of the clothes and sort through so the rack can be reinstalled.

Have a great Day!

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ArtsyMama said...

Fun answers. I'm going to have to try your salad:)