Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! My motto for the last week has been "All will be fine in 2009." And I truly believe that. For the first time in many months (maybe even a few years), I feel at peace. A positive outlook is in store for this year. Between now and May I will be working on my List. I'm very close to crossing a few items off. Maybe before Monday!!!

The project I worked on today...was completing a Dear Baby Jane block. This is a huge project for me and it may take me a while to complete. But it is something that I want to complete.
Here's the block I completed today. The picture is not very good, the color in the block is actually a pale pink. This is block A-1 Pinwheels Gone Awry. I did not foundation piece the block was recommended, but did cut out the individual blocks and stitched that way. I have not attempted foundation piecing or paper piecing and will attempt them as soon as I get freezer paper. It was not a difficult block to piece, I did have to refigure my measurements once but I think it turned out well.

And on a side note...A dear friend of mine sent me a shelf that is a quilt hanger. I'm so excited to be able to use this. S asked where I wanted him to hang it and I said I hadn't really thought about it and he said how about above the couch (in the basement) and I said that would be fine but only if I get to hang a quilt on it. He said that would be fine, are you going to make a White Sox quilt. Well, it wasn't on my list of quilts to make but it may become one.

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Anina said...

It's a lovely block! I'm very impressed with the fact that you pieced those teenie triangles!
I can't wait to see more!