Thursday, November 29, 2007

Okay it's fixed but another problem today

Today, was not meant for me to sew. I did do some sewing after I spent almost an hour taking my machine apart putting it back together, apart again, together again, apart again and finally together again and it was working. For some reason the bobbin holder kept popping up and I had to take it apart and put it back in. Once that was fixed then the thread was doing crazy things. Take it apart. Finally after almost throwing it out the window it decided to work again.

I have my block 1 done and need to locate the camera (I think it is in the van from our trip home over Thanksgiving weekend) and take some photos of it. I'm going to start working on block 2.

My other problem today is that I had Michael at the Dr. this morning. Complaining of an ear ache. Sure enough, ear infection in both ears. That means all 3 boys have had an ear infection over the course of the last 10 days and they are all on medicine. Ethan is finishing his up in the next day or two.

So, as much as I wanted to sew, I spent a great deal of time cuddling. Which is good for the soul!!!

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sognatrice said...

Aw, I hope your boys are feeling better by now...and you're up and sewing :)