Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday...

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Wow, here I was going to start a new thing for me called "Tackle it Tuesday" and thought I woudl do a search of Google and make sure I wasn't stealing anyones idea. Well, sure enough someone has started a Tackle it Tuesday and I decided to join in on it.
I did not take a picture of the before nor the after as I was not aware that I had to do this until I read the instructions. But I did want to share what I "tackled" today....
LAUNDRY - 7 loads to be exact (I did 2 loads yesterday). I hate laundry, I cannot stand doing laundry. I live in a house with 4 boys (3 small and 1 big) and the middle child changes clothes several times a day. The big boy (dad that is) has workout clothes, work clothes and evening clothes (which he normally wears at least 2 evenings). But the amount of laundry created in this house is sometimes overwhelming. So I decided to TACKLE the laundry, it all came downstairs and I have washed a load, put it in the dryer and washed another load. I had 3 loads that I was able to drape outside over my deck (sheets and blankets) and the others are being dried in the dryer.
Now, you may ask, how do you let it pile up? If I dont' keep up and do a load of laundry a day, I get backed up by 2 days and once it starts backing up, I put it off and then complain because I have so much laundry to do. Here is hoping that I can keep up with the laundry again. I'm babystepping my way into a better routine. I can check off of my TO DO list that the Laundry is done. I have even been putting it away as I do it!
I should give myself a star as well, my husband is leaving to go out of town tomorrow and I kindly packed his suitcase for hime. Why? you ask. That was that many less clothes that I had to put away.
I also started working in the boys' rooms and getting their stuff reorganized. This is going to be a multi day/week project. But babysteps will get me there.
If you would like to see more Tackle it Tuesday posts visit 5 Minutes for Mom.
Have a great day!!


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

WELCOME to Tackle It Tuesday!!!

That is so funny that you had the same idea! LOL You know - when I thought of it, I think I googled it too assuming someone else had already thought of it. I was so pleased that I didn't find anyone. So sorry that I messed up your plans! :( BUT we are thrilled to have you join us! :)

Great tackling - and NO WORRIES about the pictures. Not everyone posts pics and even I don't post them some weeks. No worries at all. Just have fun and play along as it suits you.

Again - welcome and great job. I bet your hubby was so pleased to ahve hi suitcase packed!!! :)

Anina said...