Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stacked Coins Quilt

My neighbor had a baby boy in May. A few of our other neighbors threw an impromptu baby shower for her, I had 2 days notice. I went, without a gift, BUT told her that I would like to make her a quilt. And here it is.

Nathans Neptune Coin Stacks

A glimpse of the back, with it's tag.

Nathans Neptune Coin Stacks 2

All folded up....

Nathans Neptune Coin Stacks 3

ready to be delivered....

Nathans Neptune Coin Stacks 4

I used 2 charm packs of Moda Neptune and unbleached muslin. For the back, I had a leftover piece of pre-quilted fabric from a bedspread another neighbor wanted me to make and I followed the quilted lines for my quilt.

The pattern used can be found at Moda Bake Shop. The pattern is Stacked Coins Baby Quilt.

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