Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is upon us. Our plans for the day include dropping the kids off at Parent's Night Out and then heading home for a nice dinner. I chose a simple menu from MyRecipes. It's called Charm Him on the Cheap, it includes:

Cherry Tomato Toasts
Skirt Steak with Lemon and Chili Roasted Potatoes
Broccoli with Lemon Crumbs
Chocolate Sorbet
and maybe some brownies, I haven't decided on those yet.

And this is a little Valentine's Fun.


1. Flowers for my Wife on Valentine's Day, 2. bleeding tree, 3. The arrival of a rainstorm, 4. dawn passion, 5. Love and affection, 6. Romance Isn't Dead, 7. A little piece of Heaven......, 8. The Gates, 9. in the mood for spring, 10. The Abode of God at Dusk, 11. At 3000m just a bit closer to God?, 12. CROP CIRCLE MAKER - Matthew Williams

I chose words related to LOVE and put into flickr and then chose the pictures that I liked.

1. Valentine's Day
2. February 14
3. I Love You
4. Passion
5. Affection
6. Amour
7. Cherish
8. Respect
9. Lust
10. Devotion
11. Worship
12. Faith

I hope you enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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